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        Group Overview. Qingdao Sun Group Co.,Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Sun Group”) is an entity group company with assets as the link and in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system, which is mainly engaged in health industry, metal industry, intelligent manufacture. At present, wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries of the Sun Group:

        -------Qingdao Imbell Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

        -------Qingdao Xiang Xing Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

        -------INPEK Health Technology (Wuhu) Co., Ltd.

        -------Qingdao Sun Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

        -------Sun Metal Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

        -------Qingdao Fitmax Health Technology Co., Ltd.

        -------Fitmax Inc.

        At present, Sanen Group is actively promoting the transformation of "Internet + intelligence" to fully realize the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.

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        Address:17 Yuehe Road, Liuting street, Chengyang District, Qingdao

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