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    Position NameWork PlaceCompany NameRelease Date
    • International Trade Commissioner QINGDAO SUN GROUP 2021-09-18
      1. Perform the company's foreign trade sales and development business;
      2. Participate in various exhibitions to promote the fulfillment of orders;
      Recruitment conditions:
               1. Major: International trade, e-commerce, marketing
               2. Education: Bachelor degree and above
               3. Gender: Unlimited for men and women
      Job requirements:
               1. Familiar with foreign trade operation procedures, familiar with B2B and B2C e-commerce operations, and have the ability to promote online, collect market information, analyze customers, and develop foreign customers;
               2. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to communicate proficiently with foreign customers, and strong communication skills;
               3. Honest and dedicated, cheerful personality, strong anti-stress ability and sense of responsibility, strong teamwork spirit.
    • Mechanical Design Engineer AN HUI INPEK 2021-10-25
      1. Product assembly drawing and parts drawing;
      2. Develop and design mechanical parts;
      3. Develop an installation support plan, accept and debug new equipment, and solve problems in the installation process.
      Recruitment conditions:
              1. Major: mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, process equipment and control engineering;
              2. Education: Bachelor degree and above.
      Job requirements:
              1. Proficiency in the application of SW, Pro/E, UG, AutoCAD and other application software;
              2. Familiar with the design of mechanical parts;
              3. Familiar with the manufacturing technology and processing technology of pneumatic products;
              4. Have a good team spirit and strong coordination ability.

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